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Welcome To The Family


Hello all and welcome to REBELLION a guild that is open to all.

A few Questions you might ask and i hope you like the answers

1 ] Why pick the guild name REBELLION ?

Answer ] I want a place were players can feel welcome no matter there lvl there mode or any other factors that might keep them out of a guild.

2 ] Are you a Pvp / End game Guild ?

Answer ] We as a guild are what we make it if we want pvp we will do it if we want end game we will do that to the guild is how the players make it not how a person tells you how to make it.

3 ] Are Bosses a must attend ?

Answer ] Bosses are NOT a must attend they are on an open raid wich meens drops will go to the person that gains the drop the guild will never be a you must come [ i hate that rule :p ] but if you are free any help that you could offer to a guildy that is on a boss would be welcome :)

4 ] Do you have a point system ? 

Answer ]  Ok we do have a point system in place for gear from the GWH some of the gear is not up for grabs as it is GRB / might be another players gear that they placed in there for safe keeping please look on the Guild Point List in forums for info on the items available and how many points you have and what can earn you points.

5 ] How do i know my points are upto date ?

Answer ] Please make sure any items that are donated or any help that you have offered is Screen Shotted [ F12 ] and that the items were handed to and Officer or to Leader. The Guild Point List will be updated 1 hour after GRB.

6 ] When is the best time to Donate items ?

Answer ] After GRB before the post is updated. Officers and Leader will be in Guild House to take any donations that you wish to give.